What do we do?

Music is the medicine of the mind. Do-Push is a unique project that is connecting digital music and Youth at Hope. By teaching EDM, coaching participants and engaging with society, we create equal opportunities for everyone.

Do-Push is one of a kind! It is the first project in the Netherlands connecting digital music and youth at hope. Youth at hope are youngsters that are not given equal opportunities in life. Do-Push is a project that aims for an inclusive society. By making digital music, connecting with one another and by giving excellent guidance, this project enhances the development of both the executive system and the level of resilience.

Do-Push believes in succes. It is an exceptionally unique approach to teaching digital music to those who did not get the opportunity. It uses the software controller called Ableton Push and is automatically linked to the Digital Working Station called Ableton. By using this software controller we make music accessible for everyone. For those who have years of experience and for those who have never played an instrument before.